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DG Taxation and Customs Union

For the DG TAXUD project, we were asked to implement a completely new website structure, based on wireframes that were provided by the customer. 

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What did we do?

A number of new landing pages needed to be created as well as a new look & feel for the homepage and the subpages. The menu needed to be revamped completely and a top and left sidebar navigation needed to be integrated in a single new main dropdown navigation on top of the pages of the website. 

How did we do it?

The DG TAXUD website uses Documentum, and revamping it came with a number of challenges. The most important challenge was to allow the customer to continue updating the existing - live - website while work was being done for the revamp: every page of the project needed a new template for the look & feel and the menu. 

What was the result?

A whole new section about VAT was created. This section was also provided to Novacomm through wireframes, with a clear user-centric approach. The information on the DG TAXUD website is now much more readable, easier to understand and more searchable and scalable for visitors.