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Promotion of the Your Europe portal

The Your Europe portal provides information and practical advice on living, working and shopping in another EU country. 

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What did we need to do?

NovaComm was asked to raise awareness of the portal among EU citizens and to make sure people can find the information they need. In order to be right there “where there is a need”, NovaComm monitored blogs, social media and online news portals to provide people with answers to their questions and to promote Your Europe along the way. Additionally, Search Engine Optimisation and usability tests were conducted to help improve the website further. 

How did we do it? 


  • Reached out to 200 blogs about living, working, shopping abroad in all EU Member States
  • Reached out to 200+ online media portals, ensuring 90+ placements of articles
  • Ensured management of the Your Europe Facebook page throughout 2015
  • Ensured detailed and effective configurations for digital adverts on Google and Facebook
  • Conducted a full SEO scan incl. recommendations
  • Conducted website usability tests incl. recommendations


What was the result?

This project contributed to a steep increase in website traffic to the Your Europe citizens portal: 7.2 million visits were made to the portal in 2014, compared to 4.9 million in 2013. Organic search remained the main source of traffic to the website, followed by traffic from partner websites, social media, ads, blogs and news portals.