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New Narrative for Europe

For the “New Narrative for Europe” initiative, NovaComm developed an innovative approach to crowdsource ideas from EU citizens and presented these to top decision-makers.

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What did we need to do?

The “New Narrative for Europe” project, initiated by José Manuel Barroso, aims to give a voice to the artistic, cultural, scientific and intellectual communities to articulate what they think Europe stands for today and tomorrow. NovaComm was asked to provide advice on how to involve EU citizens more in this project during autumn 2014.

How did we do it?

NovaComm identified the most relevant parts of the New Narrative Declaration, visualised these quotes graphically, and then asked citizens to give their feedback on an interactive website. Through 12 Facebook and LinkedIn ads, we reached out to new audiences, inviting them to come to the site and react. 

What was the result?

Detailed ad configurations resulted in highly cost-effective awareness-raising among citizens. The messages were shown almost 7 million times, provoking 75 846 reactions and 430 detailed contributions and ideas from citizens. NovaComm then arranged the analysis of all comments by an independent expert. Comments were screened and presented to top decision makers during a livestreamed event on 28 October 2014. This model for online engagement can be re-used to effectively reach out to new audiences, crowdsource their ideas and spark discussion during events. Similar models can be developed to organise targeted polls among citizens and consult them on specific EU policy topics.